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Start Packing A Month Before Your Move For Less Stress

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If you're thinking of moving in a month or so, the time to start packing is now! The longer you wait, the more of a time crunch you'll be in -- and the more stress you'll feel as a result. A good approach to packing is to start about four weeks out from your move, and every week, focus on packing a different type of item. Here's a closer look.

Four Weeks Out…

About a month before your move, it's time to start packing things you won't need between now and then. This can include out-of-season clothing, along with equipment for occasional hobbies like camping, fishing, and such. You can also probably start packing up your decorations at this point. Your home won't be any less livable without the paintings and pictures on the wall. Getting these things packaged up early on is a good strategy since they tend to require a lot of wrapping and protection.

Three Weeks Out…

This week, you can focus on packing things you do use, but can do without until the move. This may include items like books, extra movies and music CDs, and any kitchen items and dishes that you don't use everyday. Keep in mind that as moving day grows closer, most people end up ordering takeout and eating out a lot more simply because they don't have time to cook. SO you can probably pack up those casserole dishes and serving spoons without too much worry.

Two Weeks Out…

With only two weeks to go, you can start packing up everyday items and selectively leaving out things you absolutely need. This could include all but one set of towels and sheets, along with most of your clothes -- save a few outfits that you need in the meantime. Jewelry, games, toys, and office supplies can all make their way into boxes now.

One Week Out…

Now it's time to pack up those things that you really did need until this point. This might include the kitchen basics, like mugs and plates. (Perhaps you can order takeout coffee for a few days in the meantime.) Also, start disassembling and packing up furniture and boxing up your toiletries. Put your most essential toiletries in a single bag or box where you can access them throughout the move, and pack everything else away.

By beginning the packing process early, you help prevent yourself from becoming too overwhelmed with the moving process. Enlist the help of a local moving company for more assistance.