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Your Moving Company Might Offer More Than You Think

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If you've never hired a moving company before, you may be surprised to learn about all of the services they offer. Most moving companies offer a basic package where they load everything into a truck, drive it to your new place, and unload it. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Here's a look at the other service that many local moving companies offer to make your moving experience easier.

Packing and Unpacking

Packing often takes a lot more effort than you initially think, especially if you're packing up a whole house worth of goods. Then, when you arrive in your new destination, you have to unpack it all again! Many moving companies will allow you to add packing and unpacking services to their basic moving package. While the idea of having someone else pack your things may sound strange, keep in mind that the movers are professionals. They know the best ways to protect everything from china to televisions, so your risk of having something break in transit is probably lower than if you were to pack everything yourself.

Furniture Disassembly

Many pieces of furniture, including large entertainment centers and dining room tables, are easier to ship when disassembled. Your moving company may disassemble and reassemble furniture for you if you pay a small fee. This way, you don't have to worry about losing the hardware or putting something back together incorrectly. Plus, your movers might be able to use a smaller truck if they ship your furniture disassembled. This may actually save you money in the long run if they charge you less for the smaller vehicle.

Donation Services

There's no use taking items you no longer need to your new home. But taking the time to cart old furniture and clothing to a donation center may just not be feasible when you have so many other moving-related tasks to tackle. Some moving companies will drop items off at a donation center or pass them on to a charity they partner with. Generally, you just pile the things you don't want in a corner of your home, and they'll sort through it, taking items in good shape to charity and putting broken or worn items in the trash or recycling.

The point of hiring a moving company is to make your life easier. With these services, your moving process will be greatly simplified, so you can move on to the important thing—settling into your new home.