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Keeping Your Self-Storage Unit Secure: Four Helpful Tips

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Your self-storage unit is a place you can use to store your treasures, but keeping your items secure is important. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to ensure your items are safe and sound in your storage space. Here are just a few ideas you can use to secure your items.

Research The Facility

Before you choose a self-storage facility, do a bit of research to see what kinds of security each location offers. Some are staffed 24/7, while others only have employees on the premises on weekdays during normal business hours. Your facility should have at least a security guard available after hours. Look for a location that requires a key or key card to gain entrance, and take a tour of each facility to see if there are security cameras in place.

Add A Door Alarm

You can add a door alarm to your unit even if your facility doesn't offer them. A simple store-bought alarm can be installed on the storage unit door, but get the permission of the storage facility first. The alarm will sound when someone attempts to enter the unit, and you can use a passcode or your smartphone to deactivate it before you enter.

Store Your Items Strategically

While it may be easy for a burglar to open your unit door and grab the first thing he or she sees, it will be more difficult to search the unit for valuables before being caught. Store your more valuable items near the back of your unit, and label the boxes or containers to throw off potential thieves. For example, a box filled with antique treasures might be labeled "baby clothes." Be sure to add a colored sticker to the box as a reminder that the box is not labeled correctly.

Lock Drawers And Doors

If you are storing small items inside file cabinets or furniture with locks on drawers and doors, consider locking the doors. A thief won't be able to walk away with a large piece of furniture easily, and breaking the locks may take time. You may also want to use cables or chains to link pieces of furniture together so they can't be easily carted away.

Talk to your storage facility (like Lake County Storage of Round Lake Heights) about its security features, and use these tips to store your items safely. With a few preparations, you can ensure your items will be there whenever you need them.