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Learn How A Moving Company Can Help You Clean Out Your Parent's House After They Pass Away

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Losing your parents can be very difficult. Having to sell their home after they have passed can make the situation even worse though. In order to sell your parent's home after they pass, you will eventually need to remove all of the items from inside of it. This will be decades of memories that may be difficult to pack up on your own. If you need help packing up your parent's home, consider hiring a moving company. The guide below walks you through a few ways the moving company can make cleaning out your parent's home a bit easier.

Determine Where the Larger Items Go

Before the moving company even arrives, it is best to go around your parent's house and determine what items you want to keep and which items you want to get rid of. Purchase yard sale tags and mark each large piece with a tag that indicates if an item stays or goes. Be sure to only use two colors of stickers to ensure that none of the movers get confused and accidentally leave items that should be taken to a charity.

Have Large Donations Removed Right Away

When you hire a moving company, you can have the truck make as many trips as you want during the day. You may be charged for the additional mileage, but if it gets your parents' home cleaned out quickly, it will be worth it. Have the large items that you plan to donate taken to a charity before anything else is done in the home. Once the large items that you do not want are out of the way, it will give you and the movers more space to move around during the moving process.

Create a Sorting Line

Place a large table out in your parent's yard. Have three boxes next to the table that are labeled as donations, trash, and valuables. Have the movers bring bins full of your parent's possessions from inside of your parent's house for you to quickly sort through. As each of the three boxes fill, a mover can replace them with an empty box. They can then seal and label the box so that it goes where it is supposed to go after the move is complete.

It will be hard to get rid of some of your parent's belongings, but you more than likely do not have room to keep everything that they owned. Be sure to look at every item before it is given away or tossed in the trash to make sure that nothing with sentimental value is removed without your knowledge.

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