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Recent Grads And What Storage Units Can Do To Help With This Transition Period

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If you have recently graduated from college, you might be at a crossroads in your life, and you probably also have a home full of items that you will need to pack up and keep safe if you are moving out without a real game plan. If you aren't sure what your next steps will be in life, a storage unit can be a great stop-gap while you figure this out. Here are four reasons why a storage unit can be helpful for a recent grad that might be on the move.

1. Moving Back to Your College Town

If you are starting a graduate program or have a job lined up in your college town in the next few months, you might have a gap in housing or have to move home for a period of time. It might not be worth it to bring everything home just to have to trudge this all back to your college town again. So if you are planning on making your college town your place of residence down the line, keep most of your items in storage where you'll end up in order to simplify the process.

2. Going Traveling After Graduation

If you have a trip planned after graduation, you might not be able to keep a lease on an apartment while you are away. Renting a self storage unit is a great way to push the pause button on your household needs until you are back from your travels. You can then decide on your next steps and find a more permanent home and have your belongings ready to go.

3. Interim Housing Situations

If you are in a smaller, month-to-month housing situation or couch surfing, you might not be in a situation where you can bring along all of your things. If you are living in a smaller home or have a roommate situation that comes with some furnishings, you might need to store some items until you ultimately move into a more permanent home.

4. Keep Things Organized if You Move 

If you really aren't sure what your next steps might be when it comes to moving into a more permanent home, you might find yourself back at your parent's house for an unforeseen amount of time. Do everyone a favor by keeping your housewares in self storage. This will send the message to your folks that you aren't planning on staying for good and will motivate you to figure out your next move.

Finishing up college is a huge step in its own right, and figuring out your next steps can be daunting as well. If you are weighed down by your household items during the process, you might want to look into self storage options to help. This can take away some of the pressure during your transition period after college.

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