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How To Pack Your Clothes When Moving

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If you are getting ready to move this summer, one of the biggest things to pack up are your clothing. Here are a few tips that will help you packing up your clothes go a little easier during your summertime move.

Vacuum Pack Out Of Season Clothes

Take all of your out-of-season clothes, and focus on packing them first. As you gather up your out-of-season clothing, take a little time to go through them. Put anything that you know you will not wear again when they are back in-season. Take all the clothing that you know you want to keep and put them into vacuum packed bags. Use your vacuum bags to seal up the out of season clothing and suck out all the extra air. This should compress your clothing and help you save space as you move.

Keep Out Socks & Other Cushioning Clothes

Keep out socks and other items that you are not going to use out of the vacuum packed bags. You can use these items to keep glassware and other fragile items safe. For example, you can wrap glasses and stemware in clean socks and put shirts around plates and bowls to prevent them from clacking around.

Pack A To-Go Bag

Before you start packing up all the clothes that you use on a daily basis, pack a to-go bag. This to-go bag should include an outfit for moving day, clothes to sleep in, and a few outfits for the days following your move. It can take some time to unpack and get your things together after you move, which is why it is a good idea to pack a few extra days' worth of clothing in your to-go bag.

Wrap & Pack Your Closet

Do not pull all of your clothing off their hangers. Instead, fold them and pack them up. Save yourself a lot of time by keeping your clothing on the hanger. Starting at the bottom of your clothing, wrap them up with a plastic trash bag, and include the hangers in the trash bags as well. That way, when you get to your new place, you can just remove the trash bag and hang up your clothing right away.

Wrap Up Your Drawers

You may need to remove your drawers from your dresser to reduce the weight so that you can move them. That doesn't mean that you have to pack up the content of those drawers. Wrap up your drawers with plastic wrap or stretch plastic to keep everything in your drawer together and safe in order to transport it to your new home. 

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