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Due North -- A 4 Part Checklist For Moving To Canada

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If you're planning a move to Canada, there are a lot of things to get done before you can head north. For most people, the biggest challenge to meet is working out the documentation to stay in the country for a length of time. But once you have that completed, the second biggest part of the move is usually figuring out how to physically move your stuff. To help you with the process, here is a 4 part checklist for moving yourself and your belongings over the northern border.

Purge What You Can. Moving a lot of personal items can become expensive and time-consuming. You can save money and avoid unnecessary hassle by getting rid of what you can before getting quotes from a moving service or hiring transport. Donate items in good condition, have a yard sale, sell or give away smaller things online through social media, recycle old technology and shred unneeded paperwork. Whatever you can do to rid yourself of extra things now will pay off when you have to move it across borders. 

Make an Inventory. Crossing international borders usually requires a very detailed inventory. For Canadian customs, this inventory generally should be in two forms: one is a list of all the items you're packing yourself and the other consists of clear labels on any boxes you pack. Your moving company will need copies of this inventory to present as part of the customs process. Since you are unlikely to be an expert at inventorying your household goods for customs, it may be best to work with a professional moving company.

Research Moving Companies. It's always a good idea to do research before choosing a moving company. This can include seeking out recommendations, reading online reviews of companies, researching them in such places as the Better Business Bureau and interviewing them in person. To move to Canada, though, you may also want to seek out a company with experience moving customers internationally -- particularly between the U.S. and your new destination. Choosing a company with international experience can help you avoid pitfalls at the border. 

Get Your Documents In Order. Your moving agent will likely need a number of pieces of documentation to present to customs agents, so be sure to get them together as early as possible. These often include:

  • Your Canadian work visa
  • Confirmation of resident status
  • Your passport(s)
  • Your birth certificate(s)
  • The aforementioned packing inventory list (in duplicate)
  • The title(s) of any vehicles being transported

By knowing what you need to do to successfully transport your personal belongings to Canada, you can help ensure the smoothest moving experience and the best start to your new adventure. Talk to a company like Bekins Van Lines Inc for more information.