Discussing Storage Options For Your Artwork

The Ins And Outs Of Hiring Professional Movers

When you want to be sure that you are able to move from one home to another, there are some tips and guidelines that you will need to follow. There are a lot of guidelines that you can follow that will expedite your move, protect your belongings and ensure that you hire the best professional movers available to you. Follow the tips below and do not hesitate to reach out to professionals who will be able to assist you in your move.  How To Hire The Best Professional Moving Company The first place you should turn to get an idea about which moving company is best for you is the references of people who have hired them before. Whether you are seeking personal references or seeking testimonials from social media or reviews, you’ll be much closer to finding a trusted and credible company. Make sure that they are properly licensed and that they have insurance policies that can protect your belongings during the move. When hiring a professional mover, you should also be sure that you avoid paying any deposits until you verify the legitimacy of the company so that you do not fall victim to any of the thousands of fraud scams that are perpetrated every year.  Consider Some Tips For A More Efficient Move When you need to make your move as efficient as possible, start off by getting a notebook or document with all of your details. Keeping track of your moving details allows you to be sure that you are putting your best foot forward and not leaving anything out. Prior to the move, make sure that you put in a change of address, so that you can hit the ground running with your move without any setbacks or delays.  Set Aside Some Money For Your Move It is very important that you do your best to set aside your money in order to afford the professional move. This will involve getting in touch with many different moving contractors who can give you a great estimate on the service. For intrastate moves, you can expect to pay about $1,170 for a move, while it will cost you approximately $5,630 for a move that involves traveling from state to state. By factoring in these costs, you will be in a better position to arrange a professional move on your terms.  Consider these ideas so that you can […]

Keeping Your Self-Storage Unit Secure: Four Helpful Tips

Your self-storage unit is a place you can use to store your treasures, but keeping your items secure is important. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to ensure your items are safe and sound in your storage space. Here are just a few ideas you can use to secure your items. Research The Facility Before you choose a self-storage facility, do a bit of research to see what kinds of security each location offers. Some are staffed 24/7, while others only have employees on the premises on weekdays during normal business hours. Your facility should have at least a security guard available after hours. Look for a location that requires a key or key card to gain entrance, and take a tour of each facility to see if there are security cameras in place. Add A Door Alarm You can add a door alarm to your unit even if your facility doesn’t offer them. A simple store-bought alarm can be installed on the storage unit door, but get the permission of the storage facility first. The alarm will sound when someone attempts to enter the unit, and you can use a passcode or your smartphone to deactivate it before you enter. Store Your Items Strategically While it may be easy for a burglar to open your unit door and grab the first thing he or she sees, it will be more difficult to search the unit for valuables before being caught. Store your more valuable items near the back of your unit, and label the boxes or containers to throw off potential thieves. For example, a box filled with antique treasures might be labeled “baby clothes.” Be sure to add a colored sticker to the box as a reminder that the box is not labeled correctly. Lock Drawers And Doors If you are storing small items inside file cabinets or furniture with locks on drawers and doors, consider locking the doors. A thief won’t be able to walk away with a large piece of furniture easily, and breaking the locks may take time. You may also want to use cables or chains to link pieces of furniture together so they can’t be easily carted away. Talk to your storage facility (like Lake County Storage of Round Lake Heights) about its security features, and use these tips to store your items safely. With a few preparations, you can ensure […]

4 Things You Need to Do Before Moving into Your New Home

The average American moves around 12 times in their lifetime. You can expect to move at least one time. Even if you are moving locally, you have a long to-do list to complete before settling into your new home. Packing is one of the first things on your list. You have to pack up your entire house and move the property. If you want your property to arrive safely, then you need to hire a local moving company such as Father & Son Moving & Storage. There are some things homeowners leave to do until the last minute that should be done in advance. Read on to find out four things you should do before moving into your new home. Get Your Internet Connected The Internet is used on a daily basis in many households. You need Internet for TV use, telephone use, and to find information. It can be inconvenient staying in your new house without access to the web. If you want your new home Internet ready, then you need to book this service weeks in advance. Many cable companies that offer this service require you to make an appointment. Pack an Unpacking Box Every homeowner should pack an unpacking box. An unpacking box contains items you need to set up your new home. It should include an Allen wrench, tools to set up furniture, zip-lock bags with screws from dismantled furniture, glue, scissors, screwdrivers, dust cloths, and masking tape. Making a box full of such things will save your sanity and time. Contact Your Insurance Company If you are planning to move, then you should contact your homeowner’s insurance company. You want to make sure you are covered for the duration of your move. Your policy should expire the day after you move out. The new policy should start the day before you move. This covers you for the entire move. Take Care of Your Children and Pets There are going to be one day that you are going to spend the majority of your time moving. You have to decide what to do with your children and pets. If your children are teenagers, then they can participate in the move. However, it can be hard to get much done with pets and small children running around. Moving can be very frustrating because of you have a lot to do. You can make your job easier by hiring […]

2 Important Things To Keep In Mind If You Want To Take Your Vehicle On An International Move

Are you planning an international move? If so, you may be planning to give away or sell some of your items. There are likely some things that you may not want to sell, and your vehicle may be one. The following are points that you should consider if you want to take your car with you abroad.  Cost  One thing you need to consider is the cost of getting your car to the new destination. If this is a temporary move and you plan to return to your locale within two years, it may be more sensible to put your vehicle in storage. Some international moving companies also offer storage solutions and could likely offer you a customized moving solution. For example, you could store your car and allow them to relocate your furniture and other belongings. Perhaps your move is employment related. If so, you may be able to get the company you work for to pay to have the vehicle transported. There are likely going to be import tariffs associated with the vehicle relocation. Keep in mind that some cities have excellent public transportation systems, and you may be able to utilize them if paying to move your vehicle is not in your budget. Legalities Your vehicle may not be legal in the area you are moving to. For example, some countries have roadways that are designed for people to drive on the left side of the road. If your vehicle is manufactured for countries where driving on the right side of the road is the norm, it may be illegal to operate your vehicle. For example, Americans drive on the right side of the road, but in Australia and Japan, drivers drive on the left side of the road. You also will need to get a driving permit or license in the country you are moving to. You will need to be prepared to prove that you can safely operate your vehicle and follow the driving customs if permitted to drive it.  An international logistics company is a good resource to use to best understand the options that are available to you. They will likely have performed many international moves, and they will be familiar with laws and customs in other countries. They may be able to offer you other critical details, which may also influence your decision. For example, they can give you an estimated cost for […]

Learn How A Moving Company Can Help You Clean Out Your Parent’s House After They Pass Away

Losing your parents can be very difficult. Having to sell their home after they have passed can make the situation even worse though. In order to sell your parent’s home after they pass, you will eventually need to remove all of the items from inside of it. This will be decades of memories that may be difficult to pack up on your own. If you need help packing up your parent’s home, consider hiring a moving company. The guide below walks you through a few ways the moving company can make cleaning out your parent’s home a bit easier. Determine Where the Larger Items Go Before the moving company even arrives, it is best to go around your parent’s house and determine what items you want to keep and which items you want to get rid of. Purchase yard sale tags and mark each large piece with a tag that indicates if an item stays or goes. Be sure to only use two colors of stickers to ensure that none of the movers get confused and accidentally leave items that should be taken to a charity. Have Large Donations Removed Right Away When you hire a moving company, you can have the truck make as many trips as you want during the day. You may be charged for the additional mileage, but if it gets your parents’ home cleaned out quickly, it will be worth it. Have the large items that you plan to donate taken to a charity before anything else is done in the home. Once the large items that you do not want are out of the way, it will give you and the movers more space to move around during the moving process. Create a Sorting Line Place a large table out in your parent’s yard. Have three boxes next to the table that are labeled as donations, trash, and valuables. Have the movers bring bins full of your parent’s possessions from inside of your parent’s house for you to quickly sort through. As each of the three boxes fill, a mover can replace them with an empty box. They can then seal and label the box so that it goes where it is supposed to go after the move is complete. It will be hard to get rid of some of your parent’s belongings, but you more than likely do not have room to keep […]

Recent Grads And What Storage Units Can Do To Help With This Transition Period

If you have recently graduated from college, you might be at a crossroads in your life, and you probably also have a home full of items that you will need to pack up and keep safe if you are moving out without a real game plan. If you aren’t sure what your next steps will be in life, a storage unit can be a great stop-gap while you figure this out. Here are four reasons why a storage unit can be helpful for a recent grad that might be on the move. 1. Moving Back to Your College Town If you are starting a graduate program or have a job lined up in your college town in the next few months, you might have a gap in housing or have to move home for a period of time. It might not be worth it to bring everything home just to have to trudge this all back to your college town again. So if you are planning on making your college town your place of residence down the line, keep most of your items in storage where you’ll end up in order to simplify the process. 2. Going Traveling After Graduation If you have a trip planned after graduation, you might not be able to keep a lease on an apartment while you are away. Renting a self storage unit is a great way to push the pause button on your household needs until you are back from your travels. You can then decide on your next steps and find a more permanent home and have your belongings ready to go. 3. Interim Housing Situations If you are in a smaller, month-to-month housing situation or couch surfing, you might not be in a situation where you can bring along all of your things. If you are living in a smaller home or have a roommate situation that comes with some furnishings, you might need to store some items until you ultimately move into a more permanent home. 4. Keep Things Organized if You Move  If you really aren’t sure what your next steps might be when it comes to moving into a more permanent home, you might find yourself back at your parent’s house for an unforeseen amount of time. Do everyone a favor by keeping your housewares in self storage. This will send the message to your folks that you […]

How To Pack Your Clothes When Moving

If you are getting ready to move this summer, one of the biggest things to pack up are your clothing. Here are a few tips that will help you packing up your clothes go a little easier during your summertime move. Vacuum Pack Out Of Season Clothes Take all of your out-of-season clothes, and focus on packing them first. As you gather up your out-of-season clothing, take a little time to go through them. Put anything that you know you will not wear again when they are back in-season. Take all the clothing that you know you want to keep and put them into vacuum packed bags. Use your vacuum bags to seal up the out of season clothing and suck out all the extra air. This should compress your clothing and help you save space as you move. Keep Out Socks & Other Cushioning Clothes Keep out socks and other items that you are not going to use out of the vacuum packed bags. You can use these items to keep glassware and other fragile items safe. For example, you can wrap glasses and stemware in clean socks and put shirts around plates and bowls to prevent them from clacking around. Pack A To-Go Bag Before you start packing up all the clothes that you use on a daily basis, pack a to-go bag. This to-go bag should include an outfit for moving day, clothes to sleep in, and a few outfits for the days following your move. It can take some time to unpack and get your things together after you move, which is why it is a good idea to pack a few extra days’ worth of clothing in your to-go bag. Wrap & Pack Your Closet Do not pull all of your clothing off their hangers. Instead, fold them and pack them up. Save yourself a lot of time by keeping your clothing on the hanger. Starting at the bottom of your clothing, wrap them up with a plastic trash bag, and include the hangers in the trash bags as well. That way, when you get to your new place, you can just remove the trash bag and hang up your clothing right away. Wrap Up Your Drawers You may need to remove your drawers from your dresser to reduce the weight so that you can move them. That doesn’t mean that you have to pack […]

Running Out of Space at Home? Simple Tips to Make the Most of Your Storage Unit

If you’re outgrowing your current living arrangements, it might be because you have too much stuff. Take a look around. If all of your extra space is taken up with boxes and things you’re hanging on to, it might be time to rent a storage unit. Before you go out and rent one, you need to make sure that you’re prepared for the transition from home-based storage to a storage facility. Here are some tips that will help you get the most out of your new storage unit. Take Time to Sort Things Out Before you start loading up boxes and heading to the storage facility, make sure you’ve done some sorting. The last thing you want to do is fill your new storage unit with things you never plan to use again. The best way to clear out the clutter is to rent a dumpster for a few days before you rent your storage unit. This will ensure that you spend money only on the space you’ll actually need. It will also allow you to get rid of any garbage that might have collected around your home. While you’re sorting through your belongings, take the time to create three separate piles. The first pile should be set aside for all the things you plan on keeping. The second pile should be for all the things you plan on donating. Finally, the last pile should be for all the things you plan on throwing into the dumpster. Pack It All Up Once you have everything sorted, you can start packing it up.  While you’re packing your things for storage, be sure to follow these simple steps that will help you get through the packing process smoothly. Label All the Containers There’s probably nothing more frustrating than having to search through all your containers when you’re trying to find something you need. While you’re packing your belongings for storage, make a list of the items that are being placed in each storage container. Attach the labels to each coinciding container using clear packing tape. If you have to go back to the storage unit to find something, you can read the lists to locate the proper container. Don’t Waste Space While you’re moving your belongings into storage, make sure you use the space wisely. Place large items inside the storage unit first. This includes cabinets and dressers. Once you have those items in […]

Employers: Why You Should Offer Corporate Relocation Benefits

As an employer, you might strive to offer the most competitive benefits packages for your employees that you can. One type of benefit that you may want to consider for both current employees who are asked to relocate to another location and new employees who will have to move to become a part of your team is the relocation benefit. Basically, this involves working with a corporate moving company to provide moving services and/or potentially offering a cash incentive for employees or potential employees to relocate so that they can work for your business. These are a few reasons why you should offer corporate relocation benefits. Attract the Best of the Best  The best employees—those who are most qualified due to education, experience or a combination of the two—typically know their worth, and they look for employers that also understand what they are worth. In order to attract the best of the best, you have to offer them incentives that not every other business is offering. In some cases, depending on the situation, the relocation benefit alone could be enough to encourage a good potential candidate to become a part of your company. Help Employees Settle In The truth is that moving can be stressful for anyone, whether it’s a single person, a couple or a family with children. It can be expensive and time-consuming, and it can get people out of their regular routine. You don’t want your employees to be stressed out, financially strapped or otherwise preoccupied with other things; otherwise, they might not be able to perform their best work. Making employees’ moves as easy on them as possible—such as hiring a corporate moving company to handle all of the major packing and heavy lifting for them—and offering them compensation to help cover the financial stress of a move, however, can help you ensure that your employees are ready to do their best work. This can result in better productivity and better performance out of employees who have recently relocated, which can have a huge impact on your business. It can have a big impact on morale and employee loyalty to the company as well. As you can see, if you do not currently offer corporate relocation benefits, now is the time to consider doing so. Even though these benefits can be costly for your business, they can still be highly beneficial for both employees and for […]

Dismantling The Nerve Center Of Your House — 5 Steps To Packing Your Family’s Kitchen

Packing up the family kitchen is usually one of the most complicated parts of the packing process. With its many moving parts, small and very large equipment and delicate goods, the kitchen is a unique moving challenge. If you’re trying to keep the family running while packing up their kitchen, here are 5 tips for any parent. Sort and Purge. Start going through the kitchen goods at the earliest opportunity — before sorting through most other areas of the house. Because there are so many items in the kitchen and it’s such a high-traffic room in most family homes, you will probably find a lot of items ripe for decluttering, purging, donating and simply throwing out. Look for ways to reduce the amount of utensils, kitchenware, unused small appliances, old pots and pans, mostly-empty spices and out-of-date home decor. Set Aside Current Items. After the purge and before you begin filling boxes, make a designated place (and a designated box, later) for what you need to keep the kitchen functional both before and after the move itself. For a family, this will likely include some flatware, dishes, cups, towels, cleaners and cooking pans. Include your kids’ favorite snacks and morning cereals to help keep them full and content in your old home and your new one. For Mom and Dad, you might want to include the coffee maker in this “essentials” stash. Place these items in a box or two on the big day and then keep it with you when you actually travel to your new home. Open immediately. Use the Right Materials. Rather than use old or mismatched boxes and whatever packing materials you can dig up, invest in some proper packing and storage materials for the kitchen — especially if your move is long distance. Purchase solid boxes in several different sizes for different uses. Large boxes should hold bulky, non-fragile and lightweight kitchen goods. Medium boxes can be used for dishes, cookbooks and pantry items. Small boxes can help keep utensils, spices or miscellany drawers from becoming too disorganized. Purchase cell kits that go inside your boxes to store bottles, china and glasses. And be sure to have plenty of non-print newswrap and bubble wrap so you can wrap things liberally.  Pack the Little Used First. There will probably be a lot in your kitchen that you can pack up early without the kids even noticing. […]